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Fall Burlap Wreath DIY

Easy Fall Wreath how to


  • Metal Wreath Frame & Flower- Pick out your center flower first and use the wreath form that best fits around your flower.
  • Burlap leaves- You can get this at Hobby Lobby or on Amazon. I used 4 bags.
  • Burlap ribbon- or scrap ribbon, this is for the back of the wreath to cover the wires so they do not scratch your door.
  • Other Supplies- Hot glue gun and wire

(See Bottom of post for links to supplies)

To Start:

Wrap the leaf wire around the outside ring of the wreath form.  Do about four per section or so.  Continue wrapping the leaf wire around the sections until it is filled in.  You should start from the out side in. (Video has a close up of wrapping)

Once you get to the last circle it is easier to do this from the back and flip the leaves over.


Now smooth out the leaves to make sure they look how you want them to look.

Cut the long stem off your flower if you haven’t done so already.

Drill a hole if you can but it is not necessary and wrap the wire as tight as you can around the stem.


Hot blue a few more leaves around the back of the flower if you have any gapping.

Then hot glue the burlap ribbon over the wire to cover. Let dry and then attach wire or ribbon to hang.

Send me your pictures- so I can see your wreaths!

Have a Joyful Day!


Darice Paddle Wire, 22-Gauge, Green
Price: $4.00
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