Jenn & Lumberjack

Road Trip to Galveston

You know I have heard so many negative comments about Galveston.

The beach is dirty and Galveston is ugly- blah blah blah.

A friend of mine suggested we go and I am so glad we did. Thank you TJC.

First a small lesson….The reason why the beaches are so different from Galveston to Florida…

“Over millions of years, quartz has been weathered from granite in the Appalachian Mountains – the source of our white West Coast sand. That sand took a southward route after emerging from rivers and streams like the Suwannee and Apalachicola. Louisiana and Texas are another matter. Most of their sands came from the U.S. heartland via the mighty, and muddy, Mississippi River. Their sands were washed from the gooey brown clay that is the Mississippi Delta. Sand from the heartland sands also contains quartz along with dark-colored mineral grains, charcoal, and other organic matter. The difference in source and impedance effect of the Mississippi Delta is the major reason why Florida has white sugar-like sand beaches while Texas and Louisiana have sand that looks more like brown sugar. ”  From

If Galveston is the closest beach to your home you should visit and here is why……

The drive is fun, this part of Texas is just beautiful.  Rolling Hills, beautiful sunsets, tall trees and then the ocean.

On our way south we got to stop in Dallas to spend some time with friends that we have not visited in a while.  We always stop at our favorite! La Hacienda Ranch-…Lumberjack loves their Brisket Tacos and I love their Fajitas!

Next, we stayed the Night in Houston at the The Westin Oaks Houston at the Galleria. Fantastic hotel!  And the girls loved being on the 20th floor!  It was our first trip to the Houston Galleria!  It is huge!  Great place to go back for Christmas shopping, so many stores in one place, it has both high-end and regular mall stores; as well as a skating rink, tons of restaurants and Rain Forest Cafe- which the girls enjoyed!

On to Galveston, we go- one of the perks of taking I45 South is Buc-ee’s…Happens to be a family favorite!  Buc-ee’s- is a Ginormous gas station in South & East Texas.  They have close to 50 gas pumps and no 18 wheelers allowed!  They have gifts, fresh food, and hundreds of snacks. We stopped twice on the way down and once on the way home. Make sure to get the Dried Venison Sausage- absolutely amazing!  We ended up with all kinds of things on our Buc-ee’s visits- New shirts, back pack smelly clip on things for the girls and even RTIC water bottles for the girls for school!  Buc-ee’s has great prices on RTIC.

We stayed at The Holiday Inn Club Vacations Galveston Beach Resort one of the only Hotels in Galveston that is actually on the beach.  At Most hotels in Galveston, you must cross the very busy Sewall street to get to the beach.

Galveston has many restaurants to choose from.  We ate at The Spot which has a few restaurants & Bars all in one place.  The Tiki Bar side has $6 appetizers from 3-6 which are quite delicious.

We also ate at Salsas Mexican Resturant.  The food is fantastic and it was the first time the girls got to see a Mariachi Band!  They absolutely loved it.  We will be back every time we are in Galveston.

Galveston Downtown, called the Strand, has plenty of shops for anything you might like

Some of my favorite stores were:

  • Conversation Pieces- a great higher end gift shop.  The owner is very nice!  This is a great place to buy gifts.
  • Gracies’s – has everything you need when it comes to name-brand!  Vera Bradley, Yeti, and many many more!
  • Murdoch’s- Is really Cool!  It is a big tourist shop on a dock over the beach!  Great Atmosphere and all the tourist shops in one.  It is everything combined in one for Galveston apparel, toys, and gifts.  And pet Crabs too if you want!  Lumberjack said no:(

Other things to do in Galveston:

  • Moody Gardens- I went here as a kid and loved it.
  • Schlitterbahn waterpark
  • Pleasure Pier Amusement Park
  • Pier 21 Theater- History of the 1900’s Hurricane that destroyed Galveston, I also saw this as a kid and really enjoyed it.

See my beach packing list here.


  • Nedra Swenson

    August 11, 2017 at 5:20

    Looks like a little place I would like to go for a nice relaxing time. It’s even a better choice of destination because it’s in the USA and sometimes I don’t like to drive so good old Southwesr Airlines will take me there. Great information, thanks

  • Mark Richards

    August 11, 2017 at 5:20

    Hey Jennifer,
    You have a wonderful name, that is my wife’s name. It’s funny that you would have a post about Galveston, because Glenn Campbell sang about Galveston many years ago. He just recently passed away. Anyhow this blog showed me that Galveston has a lot to offer. Keep blogging as we’ll see you traveling around the world.

  • Tammy Madril

    August 11, 2017 at 5:20

    Galveston brings back happy memories. I was there for my brother in law’s wedding many years ago. I love the town. very cute cozy beach town. That is where I first learned to boogie board. Also close to San Antonio which is also a great town!

  • Satch

    August 13, 2017 at 5:20

    Galveston is a beautiful place. I drove through there many years ago and always wanted to go back. I may just have to go back soon. Thanks for the inspiration.