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Top 5 things on Amazon

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#1 I found the cutest Cherry Pitter on Amazon and my youngest daughter now thinks cherries are the best thing ever.  It is so easy to use for kids and I love that it has a place to hold the pits instead of them falling out.  It is extremely easy to clean.

#2 This Mosquito Bracelet is a must.  They work on both adults and kids.  We wear them on our ankle and they last about 10 days!  My 60-year-old father loves them.  After each use, we store them in a plastic bag to keep them fresh.

#3 Do you hate to Roll up hoses?
This Expanding Water Hose is a must for flower pot watering.  Light weight and coils up as it turns off.  Absolutely love this hose so much I have 3! It even comes with a spray nozzle.

#4 I have been using Body Nutritive Serum for about 3 years to get an amazing tan in the Sun.  It works wonders to get you a good tan quickly.

#5 I got these Happy Birthday Letters Yard Card for my girls birthday.  They are made really well.  I will use them for years to come for all of our birthdays!  They are cheaper to own then to rent and very easy to install your self.  They got sprinkled on by a small rain storm and had no problems.